A Magic Square of Vowels

  • Roy Kotansky
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In January of 1541 at Vars, a community situated about eight miles north of Angoulême, diggers discovered an ancient stone sepulchre containing a coffin covered with a lid of tortoise-shell (Gruterus [1603]: xxi; Kirchmann 1625: 504f.). Inside, the excavators found a lead and stone coffin along with scattered pyxides-lids. The lead coffin itself had been sealed shut by four iron bindings. The coffin contained remains of a human body, still covered with a gossamer-like skin which, after exposure to the light and air, immediately evaporated, leaving only the bones. Resting upon the chest of the skeletal remains lay a rolled-up lamella of pure gold. A small bronze coin was also found hanging from the skeleton. The coin provides us with little help in dating, as the earlier reports simply describe it in contemporary nomenclature (Kirchmann 1625: 504 “semiducatum Gallicum;” Gruterus [1603]: xxi “semiducatum nostrum”).


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