Challenges of Modular Product Structure Decision-Making: A Descriptive Study

  • Marc WindheimEmail author
Part of the Produktentwicklung und Konstruktionstechnik book series (PK, volume 17)


This chapter describes the descriptive study of the work. The aim of this analysis is to investigate ten case studies in two manufacturing companies in which a decision situation in relation to modular product families has led to far-reaching consequences along the product life-phases. For this purpose, the effects of modularization, affected stakeholders and their conflicts of interest are explored in more detail. The chapter further contains a consolidated impact model of modularization that relates internal and external variety to relevant business KPIs. At the end of the chapter, the main challenges extracted from the case studies are described. In addition, five essential imperatives and a framework for effective decision-making in the development of modular product families are presented.


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