Experimental Investigation of Inserts in SMC Foam Sandwich Structures for Aircraft Interior Applications

  • Jesper BuckEmail author
  • Marc Mayer
  • Marc Fette
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Sandwich structures made of fibre reinforced plastics offer a high potential for lightweight design and are widely used in aircraft cabin applications. To face the challenge of the increasing demand in new aircraft, a new manufacturing technology for sandwich structures based on Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) in combination with a rigid foam core has been developed, allowing the efficient and low cost manufacturing of complex sandwich components in a compression moulding process. For the joining of sandwich components, a well-established method is the integration of threaded metallic inserts that enable a detachable join and thus a high efficiency with regard to assembly, repair and maintenance processes. In the conventional manufacturing of sandwich components, these inserts are usually integrated in a subsequent step after the actual manufacturing of the structure. This process is characterised by a large amount of manual work. The SMC Foam Sandwich technology, on the other hand, offers the potential for a direct integration by moulding in the inserts in the compression moulding process. In this paper an experimental investigation is presented comparing the two concepts for the SMC Foam Sandwich technology with regard to the cycle times as well as mechanical properties of the joins.

Experimentelle Untersuchung zur Integration von Inserts in SMC-Schaum-Sandwich-Strukturen für den Einsatz in der Flugzeugkabin


Sandwichstrukturen aus Faserverbundwerkstoffen bieten ein hohes Leichtbaupotential und sind in Anwendungen in der Flugzeugkabine und im Cargo-Bereich weit verbreitet. Aufgrund des steigenden Bedarfs an neuen Verkehrsflugzeugen wurde ein neues Herstellungsverfahren für Sandwich-Strukturen entwickelt.


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  1. 1.Helmut Schmidt University, Institute of Production Engineering, Holstenhofweg 85HamburgGermany
  2. 2.Composite Technology Center (An Airbus Company), Airbusstrasse 1StadeGermany

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