Distal Biceps Reconstruction

  • Joideep Phadnis
  • Adam C. Watts


Distal biceps rupture results in reduced supination and flexion strength of the elbow and, when chronic, can cause cramping or neurologic symptoms. Significant retraction of the tendon may render primary repair impossible. For symptomatic patients, graft reconstruction may be required to improve function. Several techniques with a variety of grafts and fixation methods have been described in the literature. This chapter describes the indications and surgical technique for reconstruction of the distal biceps using an Achilles allograft, Pulvertaft weave, and cortical button fixation.


Distal biceps Rupture Reconstruction Chronic Retracted Achilles allograft 


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  • Adam C. Watts
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  1. 1.Brighton and Sussex University HospitalsBrightonUK
  2. 2.Upper Limb Unit, Wrightington HospitalWiganUK

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