Introduction to Biceps Endoscopy: Principles and Technical Variations

  • Deepak N. Bhatia
  • Gregory Bain


Biceps endoscopy is a new frontier in minimally invasive elbow surgery. The technique was originally used for diagnostic evaluation of distal biceps pathology only and has now evolved into an all-endoscopic procedure with therapeutic applications. Endoscopic techniques are useful for debridement and reinsertion of partial distal biceps tears, and complete ruptures can also be safely repaired or reconstructed. The advantages and potential pitfalls have been identified in cadaveric and clinical experience, and knowledge of the principles and technical variations of biceps endoscopy is necessary prior to the transition from open to endoscopic procedures around the distal biceps.


Biceps endoscopy Distal biceps tendon Parabiceps portal Distal biceps repair All-endoscopic repair 



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  • Gregory Bain
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