Open Release of the Radial Nerve

  • Celli Andrea
  • Bonucci PierLuigi
  • de Luise Guglielmo


Radial nerve injuries, at different levels, have been reported in swimming, tennis, golf, weight lifting, and several kinds of throwing sports. The mechanisms of injury include direct trauma and compression injuries. Radial tunnel syndrome is an uncommon pathology. However 5–8% of patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis have involvement of the posterior interosseous nerve. Open surgical release includes decompression of the radial nerve, especially the arcade of Fröhse and the head of the supinator muscle, as the nerve exits the supinator muscle.


Radial nerve Radial tunnel syndrome Posterior interosseous nerve Arcade of Fröhse Supinator Nerve decompression 



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  • Celli Andrea
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  • Bonucci PierLuigi
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  • de Luise Guglielmo
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