Benefits of Hybrid P2 Off-Line Module Compared to Other Architectures

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A wide range of different hybrid architectures is available; some of them are based on existing transmissions, others on completely dedicated new transmissions. Existing transmissions allow various configurations from micro/mild hybrid P0/P1 to mild/full P2 P3 and P4 architectures [1]. Future challenges on emission will require more hybridization content and P0/P1 will not enable enough savings. Market requires architectures that give sufficient CO2 savings and on the other hand that could be use with different powertrains (ICE and transmissions) without impacting too much the vehicle layout and with an acceptable cost for the end user. That is why the mass market will be driven mainly by 48 V architectures in the next decade. This paper will show why the VALEO hybrid P2 off-line module is a solution that address all the constrains of this new market (Fig. 1).
Fig. 1.

Hybrid architecture diversity


Hybrid architecture Transmission Emissions P2 


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