The Next Generation DCT-Transmission for Mercedes-Benz Compact Vehicle Family

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A new dual clutch transmission has been developed to bring the powertrain of the newly introduced generation of Mercedes-Benz compact car family (MFA2) to a new level. The introduction of the 8G-DCT takes place with the newly developed OM654 diesel four-cylinder engine.

The transmission has a classic and compact 3-shaft layout with 8 forward gears and one reverse gear. A gear ratio spread of 8.81 ensures optimum gear steps with outstanding driving performance, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emission of pollutants.

The main focus during the development of this transmission was on the reduction of fuel consumption, increase in torque capacity and the reduction of the weight while maintaining the same installation space when compared to the existing 7G – Dual Clutch Transmission.

Special attention was paid to the reduction of mechanical and electrical losses, which could be achieved by implementing a fixed-floating bearing concept, dry sump lubrication, directly actuated electro-hydraulic control system and the use of an on-demand pump concept.

The weight targets have been achieved through lightweight/lean design approach especially for the housings. The use of high-performance plastics in the internal gearshift system and the oil pan was also a major contributor.

Another new feature is the modular design of the actuation system. The internal gearshift system, the parking lock actuator and the electrohydraulic control system can be tested independently. The transmission oil pan is designed as a highly integrated component. Hence the primary and secondary filters, additional pressurized oil filter and the transmission oil cooler are integrated into the oil pan.

The modular design of the transmission allows for variations in final drive ratio, all-wheel drive variants and also electrification.


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