Can the authority of EU law be taken for granted? A tale of principles and realities

  • Giorgio Maganza


“Do we still believe in the authority of EU law?” asks the title of the ERA Jubilee Congress. My personal, and qualified answer is yes, I still do. It is a qualified answer because, while being based on convictions about the legal principles that underlie the European construction, it has to be checked against the realities which prevail in Europe today.


  1. Maganza G (2017) Making a new start on a smaller European basis: an alternative to differentiation. In: Giegerich T, Schmitt DC, Zeitzmann S (eds) Flexibility in the EU and beyond - how much differentiation can European Integration Bear? Hart/Nomos, Oxford, p 479CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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  • Giorgio Maganza
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  1. 1.Former DirectorLegal Service of the Council of the European UnionBrusselsBelgium

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