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  • Enrique Salas
  • Guillermo Arce
  • Gustavo Matheus


Rotator cuff tears (RCT), either massive (M) or irreparable (I), can pose significant challenges to orthopedic surgeons, as they are frequently linked to high failure rates. There are several surgical options to deal with such cases including reverse shoulder arthroplasty, superior capsular reconstruction, tendon transfer, arthroscopic debridement with biceps tenotomy and subacromial decompression, partial cuff repairs, grafts, patches, as well as tuberoplasty. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and the ultimate treatment must be customized according to the type of injury as well as the specific patient needs. Recently the use of subacromial spacers provided encouraging results, emerging as a valuable option for the treatment of both MRCT and IRCT.


Subacromial Spacer Balloon Massive Irreparable Cuff tears 


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