Complications Related to the Arthroscopic Treatment of the Femoroacetabular Impingement

  • Victor M. IlizaliturriJr
  • Rubén Arriaga
  • Carlos Suarez-Ahedo


Arthroscopic surgery of the hip has rapidly evolved and is considered a safe technique. The overall major complication rate is low compared with minor complications, in general is less than 1.5%, suggesting the procedure is safe. Cartilage lesions are probably the most frequent but are underreported and usually small and apparently of little consequence. Neuropraxias due to traction are one of the most common complications following hip arthroscopy, but most of them are expected to be transient. Surgeons’ learning curves play an important role; a careful insertion of instruments will help to avoid traumatic injuries to intra-articular structures and chondral surfaces.

Proper patient selection is as important as an adequate and careful surgical technique to achieve successful postoperative outcomes.


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