Physical Processes in Protoplanetary Disks

  • Philip J. ArmitageEmail author
Part of the Saas-Fee Advanced Course book series (SAASFEE, volume 45)


This review, based on lectures given at the 45th Saas-Fee Advanced Course “From Protoplanetary Disks to Planet Formation”, introduces physical processes in protoplanetary disks relevant to accretion and the initial stages of planet formation. After a brief overview of the observational context, I introduce the elementary theory of disk structure and evolution, review the gas-phase physics of angular momentum transport through turbulence and disk winds, and discuss possible origins for the episodic accretion observed in Young Stellar Objects. Turning to solids, I review the evolution of single particles under aerodynamic forces, and describe the conditions necessary for the development of collective gas-particle instabilities. Observations show that disks can exhibit pronounced large-scale structure, and I discuss the types of structures that may form from gas and particle interactions at ice lines, vortices and zonal flows, prior to the formation of large planetary bodies. I conclude with disk dispersal.



My work on protoplanetary disk physics and planet formation has been supported by the National Science Foundation, by NASA under the Origins of Solar Systems, Exoplanet Research and Astrophysics Theory programs, and by the Space Telescope Science Institute. I acknowledge the hospitality of the IIB at the University of Liverpool, where much of this chapter was written, and thank Kaitlin Kratter for an informal review of the manuscript.


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