DABS-Storm: A Data-Aware Approach for Elastic Stream Processing

  • Roland Kotto KombiEmail author
  • Nicolas Lumineau
  • Philippe Lamarre
  • Nicolo Rivetti
  • Yann Busnel
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11360)


In the last decade, stream processing has become a very active research domain motivated by the growing number of stream-based applications. These applications make use of continuous queries, which are processed by a stream processing engine (SPE) to generate timely results given the ephemeral input data. Variations of input data streams, in terms of both volume and distribution of values, have a large impact on computational resource requirements. Dynamic and Automatic Balanced Scaling for Storm (DABS-Storm) is an original solution for handling dynamic adaptation of continuous queries processing according to evolution of input stream properties, while controlling the system stability. Both fluctuations in data volume and distribution of values within data streams are handled by DABS-Storm to adjust the resources usage that best meets processing needs. To achieve this goal, the DABS-Storm holistic approach combines a proactive auto-parallelization algorithm with a latency-aware load balancing strategy.


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