Dimension VI: The Notion of Time—Adaptability and Sustainability of Regional Competition Law Enforcement

  • Julia Molestina
Part of the Munich Studies on Innovation and Competition book series (MSIC, volume 9)


Regional integration is a dynamic process in the first place. RTAs and their competition laws do not represent rigid legal constructions, but constitute dynamic systems that need to adapt to changing circumstances. This in particular applies to a regional competition law, because ideally with the emergence of domestic competition law structures, also cultural and political awareness and commitment towards competition law will increase. Therefore, the question is whether the legal systems of the WAEMU, the AndeanC and the CARICOM are generally capable of (quickly) adapting to changes. Have the competition law systems of the WAEMU, the AndeanC and the CARICOM changed over time? In a second step one should then evaluate whether the regional competition policies were introduced at a “good” moment and whether changes to the regional competition law system led to efficiency gains.

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