Failed Open Anterior Instability Repair: Case Example

  • Ettore Taverna
  • Vincenzo Guarrella


The Latarjet procedure is the most used surgical procedure to address anterior shoulder instability with bone loss. This procedure is more commonly performed in an open fashion, albeit arthroscopically assisted or arthroscopic Latarjet is currently used. A failed open Latarjet procedure can be successfully treated with an arthroscopic bone block procedure. After hardware removal and the preparation of the glenoid rim, a bone allograft or autograft from the iliac crest is placed on the anterior margin of the glenoid with the help of an arthroscopic guide, and its fixation is obtained with a double-button system, tensioned with a dedicated device. At the end of the procedure, a standard soft tissue repair is performed with arthroscopic suture anchors.


Latarjet procedure Failure Bone block Arthroscopic revision Allograft 


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  • Vincenzo Guarrella
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