Handball Injuries: Epidemiology and Injury Characterization: Part 2

  • Lior Laver
  • Patrick Luig
  • Leonard Achenbach
  • Grethe Myklebust
  • Jon Karlsson


Sports epidemiologic analysis does not rely only on demographic factors but rather the sum of factors controlling the presence or absence of injuries. These factors relate to sports-specific aspects which single out one sport from another and possibly contribute to the injury profile in the sport.

The sport of handball is unique in the fact that it is not only a throwing or pivoting sport but also a contact sport. It is unique in the length of the game (60 min; 30 × 30 min), the different playing positions, the free substitutions, and the fast play-renewal after each scored goal which gives the game a fast and distinctive dynamic natureall these contribute to unique injury characteristics, specific for the sport.

This chapter will focus on the sports-specific factors in handball and attempt to characterize injury distribution according to these factors.


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