Emission and Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation by Atoms

  • Wolfgang DemtröderEmail author
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We have so far discussed primarily stationary atomic states that are described by a stationary wave function \(\varPsi _{n,l,m_{l},m_{s}}\) or by the corresponding quantum numbers \(n, l, m_l, m_{s}\), which give all angular momenta \({{\varvec{l}}}, {{\varvec{s}}}\) and \({{\varvec{j}}}={{\varvec{l}}}+{{\varvec{s}}}\) of single electron atoms and the energies \(E_{i}\) of the states \(|i\rangle \), where the index i stands for all four quantum numbers. The spatial parts of the wave functions are obtained by solving the stationary Schrödinger equation and the spin is described by the corresponding spin function.


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