Tibialis Posterior and Anterior Tendons

  • Hélder Pereira
  • Manuel Resende Sousa
  • Daniel Mendes
  • Joaquim M. Oliveira
  • Rui L. Reis
  • João Espregueira-Mendes
  • J. Batista
  • Pedro Luís Ripoll


Besides the needs related to normal gait, several popular sports activities require specific repetitive technical gestures involving the foot and ankle. Age, the level of demand, and activity will ultimately influence function and pathology in tendons around the foot and ankle. Some comorbidities (e.g., inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and other systemic condition) also might play a role. Overuse and traumatic events are commonly the most frequent cause of tendon-related problems. Patient’s expectations must be considered when considering the course of action for treatment. The goal of this chapter is to present an overview of tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior tendons’ pathologies. Besides providing a systematic and broad perspective, a special attention will be given to minimally invasive therapeutic options at the early stages of these disorders which are more closely linked to return to higher demanding activities.


Anterior tibial tendon Flatfoot Posterior tibial tendon Tendinopathy Tendon rupture Tendoscopy Tenosynovitis 


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  10. 10.Clinical Department Club Atletico Boca Juniores and CAJB—Centro ArtroscopicoBuenos AiresArgentina

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