Introduction to epigraphene and overview

  • C. BergerEmail author
  • E. H. Conrad
  • W. A. de Heer
Part of the Condensed Matter book series (volume 45B)


This chapter provides an overview of epigraphene and its suitableness in graphene electronics.



Zhigang Jiang, Ted Norris and Momchil Mihnev are thanked for a critical reading of the manuscript. C.B. and W.A.d.H. thank the AFOSR and NSF under grants No FA9550-13-1-0217 and 1506006, respectively. Additional support is provided by the Partner University Fund from the French Embassy. CB acknowledges partial funding from the EU Graphene Flagship program. E.H.C acknowledges support from NSF under grants No. DMR-1401193 and No. DMR-1005880.


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