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Retrorectal Tumors

  • N. Chéreau
  • Y. ParcEmail author
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Retro rectal tumors (RRTs) in adults are rare. The incidence of these tumors was estimated at 1 in 40,000. The majority of these tumors are benign (80 %) and asymptomatic, and therefore are mostly discovered incidentally. However, given the risk of chronic pain, bleeding, infection, compression of adjacent organs (with digestive, urinary, obstetric, and/or neurological disorders), and especially the risk of malignant transformation, the current consensus is to perform systematic complete resection of any RRT. Nevertheless, only retrospective series with relatively few patients are reported, and recommendations for management and surgical approaches remain controversial.


Retrorectal tumors Presacral tumors Vestigial tumors Tailgut cyst IRM Kraske 


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