Light Scattering and Thermal Emission by Primitive Dust Particles in Planetary Systems

  • Hiroshi KimuraEmail author
  • Ludmilla Kolokolova
  • Aigen Li
  • Jérémy Lebreton
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Stardust grains are tiny solid samples of stars, newly condensed in an expanding atmosphere of a dying star and injected into interstellar space by stellar wind and radiation pressure.


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We would like to thank anonymous reviewers for constructive comments and helpful suggestions that greatly improved the manuscript. We are grateful to Yu-lin Xu, Yasuhiko Okada, Ryo Tazaki, Sebastian Wolf, and Bruce T. Draine for useful information. We also express our gratitude to Alexander A. Kokhanovsky who encouraged us to write up a comprehensive review of this subject. H. Kimura is thankful to Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (#26400230, #15K05273, #23103004) from the Japan Society of the Promotion of Science.


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