A Community-Built Virtual Heritage Collection

  • Helen C. Miles
  • Andrew T. Wilson
  • Frédéric Labrosse
  • Bernard Tiddeman
  • Jonathan C. Roberts
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9550)


The HeritageTogether project has developed a web platform through which members of the public can upload their own photographs of heritage assets to be processed into 3D models using an automated Structure-from-Motion work flow. The web platform is part of a larger project which aims to capture, create and archive digital heritage assets in conjunction with local communities in Wales, UK, with a focus on megalithic monuments. The 3D models are displayed online using a lightbox style gallery and a virtual museum, while the large amounts of additional data produced are stored in an online archive. Each representation provides a different perspective and context to the data, allowing users to explore the data in a multitude of ways. HeritageTogether is a digital community and community-built archive and museum of heritage data, developed to inspire local communities to learn more about their heritage and to help to preserve it.


Structure-from-Motion Co-production Archaeology 



We acknowledge the AHRC (UK) AH/L007916/1 for funding “co-production of alternative views of lost heritage of Gwynedd” (, and members of our research team and digital community for their continued involvement in this research.


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