• Hélder PereiraEmail author
  • Ibrahim Fatih Cengiz
  • Joana Silva-Correia
  • Maggali Cucciarini
  • Pablo E. Gelber
  • Joao Espregueira-Mendes
  • Joaquim Miguel Oliveira
  • Rui Luís Reis


The menisci are nonuniform and heterogeneous structures with segmental variations according to its biology and function. It is a fibrocartilaginous tissue that plays a central role on the joint kinematics. However, they are also the most frequently injured structures of the human knee. In the advent of new technologies including tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, it is critical to deeper understand its ultrastructure and physiological function aiming to find ways for not only to enhance the repair and/or replacement approached but also to develop novel regenerative strategies. Herein, the presented work aims to describe the most relevant anatomic and biologic features of the meniscus.


Biomechanics Biology Cells Extracellular matrix Growth factors Meniscus Tissue engineering Vascularity 


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