Fast Parallel Suffix Array on the GPU

  • Leyuan WangEmail author
  • Sean Baxter
  • John D. Owens
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9233)


We implement two classes of suffix array construction algorithms on the GPU. The first, skew, makes algorithmic improvements to the previous work of Deo and Keely to achieve a speedup of 1.45 \(\times \) over their work. The second, a hybrid skew and prefix-doubling implementation, is the first of its kind on the GPU and achieves a speedup of 2.3–4.4 \(\times \) over Osipov’s prefix-doubling and 2.4–7.9 \(\times \) over our skew implementation on large datasets. Our implementations rely on two efficient parallel primitives, a merge and a segmented sort. We also demonstrate the effectiveness of our implementations in a Burrows-Wheeler transform and a parallel FM index for pattern searching.


Suffix array Parallel GPU Skew Prefix-doubling Burrows-wheeler transform FM index 



We thank to Yangzihao Wang for the initial implementation and good advice along the way. We would like to acknowledge Mrinal Deo for providing their paper’s original data, Vitaly Osipov for sharing his paper’s source code for comparision, and both Jason Mak and Carl Yang for feedback on early drafts of the paper. We appreciate the funding support of the National Science Foundation under grants OCI-1032859 and CCF-1017399, and UC Lab Fees Research Program Award 12-LR-238449.


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