Scapulothoracic and Subscapular Bursae

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Bursae around the shoulder are small pouches with synovial lining aimed to alleviate friction between moving structures. Next to the well-known subacromial or subdeltoid bursae, other bursae known around the shoulder are as follows: the supra-acromial bursa, the subcoracoid bursa, the coracoclavicular or supracoracoidal bursa, and under the scapula the subscapularis bursa, the scapulothoracic bursa and some minor bursae.


Shoulder bursae Subscapular Subcoracoid scapulothoracic 

Supplementary material

Video 16.1

Demonstration of the endoscopic resection of the superior medial facet of the scapula for snapping scapula (Courtesy Dr Simon Bell, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Melbourne, Australia) (MPG 4872 kb)


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