Interactive Performance Art Using Musical Instrument Daegeum for Healing

  • YoungMi Kim
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8770)


The piece called healing bamboo is a drawing concept utilizing daegeum interface as a performance interactive art. The piece has an aim of manifesting spiritual culture of Bamboo healing by drawing fake bamboo on screen while daegeum is being played. Drawing bamboo trees was a representative healing method of the Korean ancestors. Although joys and sorrows of our ancestors differ from those of modern day, the idea of bamboo tree purifying consciousness and making mind upright continued up until now. A performer draws pictures by meditating upon the symbolization of bamboo trees and the old classical scholar’ spirits. Accordingly, the daegeum sound that embraces mental values of an oriental culture and the bamboo tree drawing based on such sound offer emotional elements to heal the mind and body of a performer. We reinterpreted the cultivation of mind of bamboo tree healing as a modern tendency walking with the trend without discoloration of its meaning.


Healing Art Interactive Art Performance Cultural Technology 


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