WeKeyInnovation, A Wiki Based on Crowdsourcing to Share Information about Innovation Support

  • Jérémie Faham
  • Nawel Takouachet
  • Jérémy Legardeur
Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 438)


One of the challenges to foster innovation is to understand the existing practices and the real needs to help companies when they initiate and develop innovative projects or new ideas. This paper addresses this question by proposing a new interactive and collaborative support based on the crowdsourcing approach. We pro- pose a collaborative wiki platform WeKeyInnovation (WKI), which will be used and enriched progressively by companies, consulting and institutional. To identify specific companies’ needs, we introduce how this guide has been developed promoting a collaborative environment to share and evaluate good practices, tools, software or theories about creativity and innovation. Furthermore, our WKI solution will allow building a dynamic observatory by collecting empirical and valuable ground data on their real practices and needs. The final purpose is to define most efficient policies and enhance the formulation of a real regional strategic plan toward an economical growth based on innovation.


Innovation Small and Medium Enterprises Crowdsourcing Interactive Platform Open Innovation Collaboration Entrepreneurship 


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  • Jérémie Faham
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  • Nawel Takouachet
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  • Jérémy Legardeur
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  2. 2.IMS, UMR 5218TalenceFrance

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