Simulations of Galactic Dynamos

  • Axel BrandenburgEmail author
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 407)


We review our current understanding of galactic dynamo theory, paying particular attention to numerical simulations both of the mean-field equations and the original three-dimensional equations relevant to describing the magnetic field evolution for a turbulent flow. We emphasize the theoretical difficulties in explaining non-axisymmetric magnetic fields in galaxies and discuss the observational basis for such results in terms of rotation measure analysis. Next, we discuss nonlinear theory, the role of magnetic helicity conservation and magnetic helicity fluxes. This leads to the possibility that galactic magnetic fields may be bi-helical, with opposite signs of helicity and large and small length scales. We discuss their observational signatures and close by discussing the possibilities of explaining the origin of primordial magnetic fields.


Magnetic Helicity Toroidal Magnetic Field Electroweak Phase Transition Current Helicity Galactic Magnetic Field 
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I am indebted to Oliver Gressel and Kandaswamy Subramanian for reading the manuscript and providing help and useful comments. Financial support from the European Research Council under the AstroDyn Research Project 227952, the Swedish Research Council under the grants 621-2011-5076 and 2012-5797, as well as the Research Council of Norway under the FRINATEK grant 231444 are gratefully acknowledged.


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