Imaging and Characterization of Magnetic Micro- and Nanostructures Using Force Microscopy

  • Stephan Block


This chapter introduces into the principles of different force microscopic approaches that sense a magnetic probe-sample force to study magnetism of micro- and (sub)nanometer-sized objects. Although all of them are capable to characterize magnetic properties on small length scales, their applicability depends strongly on the object (e.g., nm-thin magnetic films, magnetic nanoparticles, electronic and nuclear spins) to be investigated. A comparison of their application range will be given, which allows identifying the method most suitable for the intended measurement. Finally, the discussion of each approach is complemented by an overview about current exemplary applications.


Spin Magnetic moment Magnetization Scanning probe microscopy Atomic force microscopy Magnetic force microscopy Magnetic resonance force microscopy Magnetic exchange force microscopy 


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