Special Input-Output Model for Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Energy Supply Systems

  • P. Erdösi
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems book series (LNE, volume 292)


In the Institute of Industrial Economics (Hungary) a special model has been developed in the recent years for analyzing the energy supply systems of different structures, by transforming the whole energy flow diagram into input-output tables. The study here tried to give a short summarizing overview about the manners and results of the model investigations carried out in the recent years. Methodically, the model was elaborated on the base of 14 × 14 input-output matrices representing 1975 national energy balance data and those of the energy demand projection for a 15 years’ development. The quantified results originate mainly from the computation of 22 × 22 and 26 × 26 matrices based on 1983 balance data1. The two investigations differ not only in their sizes but in their content, and methodically as well. The latter is suitable for analyzing the effects of structure changes in the steam and electricity generation (coal,-oil-, natural gas).


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