Geochronology of the last 12,000 years

Geol Rundsch 3:457–471
  • G. de Geer


Geology is the history of the earth but until now it has been a history without ages in years. Various attempts have been made to estimate the lengths of time involved in individual parts of this history. However, none could be proven to be strictly correct. The outstanding authors of one of our modern teaching books in geology1 state: “The desire to date the major events of the geological past in years increases as the events approach our own time and touch on human history. However, the difficulties of these attempts are huge and the results are of doubtful value. In the best case, they do little more than portray the order of magnitude of distinct periods. Geological processes are very complicated and each single factor involved is variable in itself, so that the connection of such uncertain variables creates a huge uncertainty in the results”.


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