Cluster Analysis and Its Applications to Gene Expression Data

  • R. Sharan
  • R. Elkon
  • R. Shamir
Part of the Ernst Schering Research Foundation Workshop book series (SCHERING FOUND, volume 38)


Technologies for generating high-density arrays of cDNAs and oligonucleotides are developing rapidly, and changing the landscape of biological and biomedical research. They enable, for the first time, a global, simultaneous view on the transcription levels of many thousands of genes, when the cell undergoes specific processes and in certain conditions. For several organisms, the sequences of all genes are available, and thus, transcript levels of the complete gene collection can already be monitored today. The potential of such technologies is tremendous. Monitoring gene expression levels in different developmental stages, tissue types, clinical conditions, and different organisms can help in our understanding of gene function and gene networks, assist in the diagnosis of disease conditions, and reveal the effects of medical treatments. Undoubtedly, other applications will emerge in coming years.


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