Flowering Plants · Monocotyledons

Volume 3 of the series The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants pp 343-353


  • M. N. Tamura

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Bulbiferous or rhizomatous perennials. Aerial stem erect, not branching. Vernation convolutive to curved or flat. Foliage leaves alternate, or seemingly opposite or verticillate, sometimes crowded at basis of aerial stem, filiform to oval, apically acute to aristate, rarely cirrhose, sessile or spuriously petiolate, usually parallel-veined, rarely net-veined, sometimes sheathing at the base. Inflorescence often with bracts, usually a raceme, sometimes umbelliform, often 1-flowered. Flowers bisexual, hypogynous, usually actinomorphic. Perianth often infundibular, sometimes tubular, campanulate or cupular, sometimes horizontally patent or recurved. Tepals 3 + 3, free, the whorls often similar but rarely highly different, variable in color, often with patterns of striation, spotting, flecking or checkering, often nectariferous. Stamens 3 + 3. Filaments free, often filiform, sometimes flattened, rarely cylindrically swollen with an aciculus at apex, often glabrous, sometimes hairy.