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Previous studies on the scorpion pectines and pectinal network within the nervous system were able to clarify some important questions regarding morphology (Gaffin, et al., 1997; Wolf, 2008), function (Krapf, 1986; Gaffin, et al. 1997; Melville, 2003; Mineo, 2006; Kladt, Wolf and Heinzel, 2007), response properties (Gaffin et al. 1997; Gaffin, 2002), innervation (Wolf, 2008) and approximate projection areas (Wolf, 2008). However, nobody could fully answer the question on how sensory afferents from the receptors of single pegs innervate the pectine neuropil and which other parts of the CNS receive input from the pectines. In this study, I was able to answer these questions and showed the topographic innervation pattern of chemo- and mechanosensory fibers from single pegs in the posterior pectine neuropil network.


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