Additives for Modern Fuels in Modern Engines – The Relevance of Premium Fuel Qualities

  • M. MüllerEmail author
  • S. Crusius
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The interdependence between engine evolution and increasing requirements to modern fuel qualities has led to widespread use of premium grade fuels. Additivation of standard fuels is the main measure since decades to design these Premium Fuels, which provide properties, which significantly exceed the requested qualities defined by the existing Norms.

Alongside with these “premium qualities”, a growing variety of fuel compositions, forced by the society requests for regenerative fuels, lead to a growing challenge for premium fuel design with multiple fuel-source combination.

The premium Quality fuels definition requires a variety of tests for the approval of the respective fuel performances requested. Beside of the conventional lab test requests already defined in the norms, several additional tests, also performed in benches and in real driving conditions are available. The tests focussed on injector cleanliness and driveability, which outline the potential of additives to secure a reliable and unaffected performance of engines, are probably the most important ones among them.


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