Downsized Engine optimised for CNG Operation

  • Christian VoglerEmail author
  • Jonathan Hall
  • Benjamin Hibberd
  • Simon Streng
  • Michael Bassett
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Gasoline engine downsizing is already established as a technology to reduce automotive fleet CO2 emissions. Further benefits are possible through more aggressive downsizing, however, the trade-off between the CO2 reduction achieved and vehicle drive-ability limits the level of engine downsizing currently adopted [1]. The ability to maintain or increase the level of engine downsizing, while retaining good fuel efficiency across the majority of the engine operating map, would provide manufacturers with a transferable, and scalable, means for assisting in meeting these stringent new CO2 targets across their entire fleet.


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  • Simon Streng
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  2. 2.MAHLE International GmbHStuttgartDeutschland

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