Business Process Outsourcing in India: An Introduction

  • Mayank Kumar Golpelwar
Part of the Internationale Wirtschaftspartner book series (INWI)


Interdependence, globalization, sustainability - almost every ten to fifteen years a new ‘buzzword’ dominates headlines related to the worlds of business, academics, and even that of the common man (Cornwall, 2007; Edoho, 1997, p. 10; Jones, 2004; Scoones, 2007; Solow, 1993; Tyagi, 2011). Each one of these buzzwords either complements or modifies the features and domains of the last. For example, the political and strategic interdependence between two nations in the 1970s was expanded upon by the concept of multilateral, economic, and social globalization in the 1990s (Keohane & Nye Jr, 2000). More recently, sustainability complemented the concept of globalization by adding the promise of renewability and by associating environmental and technological spheres to it (Bhatasara, 2011; Sachs, 2005).


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