Promoting Critical Thinking in Education: The View from an Education Think-and-do-Tank in Turkey

  • Batuhan Aydagül


The Education Reform Initiative (ERI) at Sabancı University is a non-governmental think-and-do-tank established to improve policy-making processes and outcomes in pre-university education in Turkey. The ERI produces knowledge to understand education challenges better, communicating this knowledge to decision-makers to inform their decisions and to a general audience to inform popular opinion about the status of education. The ERI further brings together practitioners to promote non-hierarchical peer-learning and invests in experimental research initiatives to develop innovative teacher training practices, especially related to promoting the critical thinking skills of teachers and learners. The main office of ERI is located in the historic neighborhood of Karaköy in Istanbul. The 12 full-time professionals working at ERI support a large network of scholars and practitioners mobilized as content specific needs arise. The ERI doesn’t provide any formal teaching courses but its staff is regularly engaged in public speaking.


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  1. 1.Sabancı University/Education Reform InitiativeIstanbulTurkey

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