Modelling as a Mathematical Competency: a Paradox?

  • Mogens Niss
Part of the Realitätsbezüge im Mathematikunterricht book series (REIMA)


This paper considers the seemingly paradoxical problem that whilst the mathematical modelling competency is one of eight competencies in the Danish KOM project this competency involves all the other competencies, which suggests that the modelling competency is at the same time subsumed under the other competencies and an overarching competency for all of them. This paper offers a conceptual and substantive analysis leading to the conclusion that the answer to the question “Is the relationship between mathematical competencies and the modelling competency a paradoxical one?” is in fact “No!”


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  • Mogens Niss
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  1. 1.Science EducationRoskilde UniversityRoskildeDenmark

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