Tunnel Tail: A New Approach to Prevention

  • Mathea Falco
  • Jesse Schell
  • Deidre Witan
Conference paper


This study determined the efficacy of the game Tunnel Tail in improving players’ confidence in their ability to resist illegal drugs and alcohol. 246 students in the target age group of 11 to 13 years old were given a survey before and after playing Tunnel Tail. Players were split into two groups, which played either one or two twenty-minute sessions. Session length was based on data of average play time. Comparing survey responses before and after gameplay, 86% of active players showed improvement in at least one area of resistance attitudes. Players who reported reading and paying attention to the ingame dialogue showed greater improvement. Additionally, longer play time was correlated with increased confidence in resistance behaviors. Despite its limitations (small sample, lack of control group), the survey suggests that a larger study is warranted. Tunnel Tail provides an early glimpse of the potential for using sophisticated game apps to enhance learning of resistance skills and effect behavior change.


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  • Jesse Schell
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  • Deidre Witan
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