In-House Standardization of Security Measures: Necessity, Benefits and Realworld Obstructions

  • Eberhard von Faber
Conference paper


The business demands cost reduction, flexible sourcing and customary quality when it comes to getting IT services. Internal and external IT service providers must therefore industrialize their IT production. Industrialization in turn requires standardization of all components in modern IT production. This includes standardizing the security measures that are used to protect the IT service provisioning. Areas and elements are identified that can be standardized. Needs and benefits are described for each. Additionally, this study focuses on real-world obstacles which need to be considered and surmounted in order to secure IT services in an efficient and flexible way. Practical advice is provided to support the standardization of security measures used in-house to protect IT services.


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  1. 1.T-SystemsBonnGermany
  2. 2.Brandenburg University of Applied ScienceBonnGermany

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