Robust Sampling for Process Control

  • Marten D. van der Laan
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NATO ASI F, volume 127)


In most process control applications analogue inputs have to be processed by digital controllers. In such systems, sampling is a very important operation in the control loop. Traditionally, point measurements of a signal are taken at equidistant times. According to the Nyquist criterion, the sampling frequency should be at least twice as high as the highest frequency occurring in the time-continuous signal. The reconstruction quality is assured by Shannon’s sampling theorem, which says that a frequency band-limited signal, sampled in time from minus infinity to plus infinity at a frequency exceeding the Nyquist frequency, can be perfectly reconstructed from its samples.


Analog-digital conversion Data Acquisition Digital Signal Processing Approximation theory. 


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  • Marten D. van der Laan
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