Physiology and Pharmacology of Bone

Volume 107 of the series Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology pp 67-109

Bone Remodeling and Bone Structure

  • E. F. Eriksen
  • , A. Vesterby
  • , M. Kassem
  • , F. Melsen
  • , L. Mosekilde

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Bone remodeling constitutes the lifelong renewal process of bone whereby the mechanical integrity of the skeleton is preserved. It implies the continuous removal of bone (bone resorption) followed by synthesis of new bone matrix and subsequent mineralization (bone formation). Moreover, bone remodeling is an integral part of the calcium homeostatic system together with the kidneys and the gut. The ever ongoing removal of old bone by osteoclastic resorption and subsequent coupled osteoblastic formation of new bone leads to liberation of calcium and matrix constituents to serum.