Modeling the Effects of Adsorbed Hydrolyzed Al(III)-Ions on Deep Bed Filtration

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A model for determining the effects of hydrolyzed aluminium ions on filtration of dilute suspensions by deep bed filters has been developed and experimentally tested in laboratory scale. The model relates solution conditions, especially pH and concentrations of Al(III), to the performance of clean filter beds. A surface precipitation model is used to describe surface properties of the suspended particles in terms of solution chemistry. This chemical model is combined with flow models and particle capture formulations within the filter bed to predict the filter performance. The complete model has been tested with experiments using suspensions of polystyrene latex particles with a diameter of 0.2 µm applied to filter media comprised of glass beads with a diameter of 0.4 mm. In the presence of Al(III), a favourable filtration region appeared in the middle of the pH range due to charge reversal of the particles. The width of the favourable pH region depended upon the concentrations of Al(III) and particle surface area. The present model can qualitatively explain the above observation.


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