The Scope of Travel Medicine: An Introduction to the Conference on International Travel Medicine

  • D. J. Bradley


It is a great pleasure to welcome so many people of diverse disciplinary, occupational and national backgrounds to this Conference on International Travel Medicine, the first of its type. One has only to look at the programme to see the varied groups of problems which concern travel medicine and the many aspects of medicine involved. The focus is on travellers of all sorts — and the variety of travel patterns will be addressed below. There is however a common general theme which particularly arises in travel medicine, which is to be aware of the possibilities — once we perceive the possible hazards to which a traveller may be or has been exposed then much of the rest of the problem is relatively straightforward. There is more diversity, whether of travellers or of hazards, than we tend to perceive or accept. Hence the importance of this conference: it will surely broaden our perceptions and increase our awareness of the issues involved.


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