Intraoperative Radiotherapy

  • H. J. Hoekstra
  • F. A. Calvo


Today combined modality therapies comprising surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation procedures are used in the treatment of a variety of malignancies and have shown an improvement in the 5-year survival rates. New surgical techniques have been developed, and new and effective chemotherapeutics have become available. Progress is still being made in the development of new chemotherapeutic agents and less toxic drug dose schedules. Progress in radiation therapy has been achieved by the improvements in technical equipment and technical advances in methods of radiation therapy, including the use of computerized planning of radiation therapy and multiple fields. The aim has been to increase the dose to the tumor and minimize the dose to the adjacent normal tissues, thereby increasing the local control rate without increasing the complication rate. The delivery of tumoricidal doses of radiation with external beam techniques, especially the treatment of intra-abdominal, retroperitoneal, or pelvic malignancies, can be accompagnied by a short- or long-term toxicity to normal tissues.


Biliary Tract Cancer Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Extrahepatic Bile Duct Carcinoma Unresectable Pancreatic Carcinoma 
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