Stellenwert der Sportmedizin in Medizin und Sportwissenschaft/Position of Sports Medicine in Medicine and Sports Science

pp 347-352

Proteinurie unter körperlicher Belastung

  • W. L. Strohmaier
  • , K.-H. Bichler
  • , H. J. Nelde

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Urinalysis of 12 athletes, aged 20–25 years, after a 10,000 m run demonstrated that the proteinuria which occured was only transitory and physiological. The excretion of high-molecular proteins did not exceed normal values. The increased excretion of serumidentical proteins as a result of physical exercise is, therefore, due to an increased renal permeability to proteins, which exceed the tubular reab-sorption maximum. It is not clear to what extent impairment of tubular reabsorption is important. Possible causes of increased permeability are metabolic acidosis in physical exercise, adrenaline excretion resulting from a sympathetic-adrenergic reaction, and changed haemodynamics. The rise in serum-creatinine levels indicates transitory impairment of renal function as a result of physical exercise.

Proteinuria from Physical Exercise