Minimally Invasive Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma: A Clinico-pathological Study

  • K. W. Schmid
  • T. Tötsch
  • D. Öfner
  • W. Böcker
  • D. Ladurner
Part of the Current Topics in Pathology book series (CT PATHOLOGY, volume 91)


According to the updated WHO classification of thyroid tumours (Hedinger et al. 1988), follicular thyroid carcinomas are divided into two prognostically relevant subgroups, minimally invasive and widely invasive follicular carcinoma. Unlike widely invasive follicular carcinoma, which can be clinically and surgically recognized as a cancer, minimally invasive follicular carcinoma can be diagnosed only by the pathologist.


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  • T. Tötsch
  • D. Öfner
  • W. Böcker
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