Fully Integrated Data Environments

Part of the series Esprit Basic Research Series pp 341-345

The DBPL Project: Advances in Modular Database Programming

  • Joachim W. SchmidtAffiliated withTechnical University Hamburg-Harburg
  • , Florian MatthesAffiliated withTechnical University Hamburg-Harburg

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In the DBPL project we tackled the problem of supporting data-intensive applications in a single framework, clean and simple in its conceptual foundation and free of technical mismatches. Our development of specific language extensions required by data-intensive applications was guided by a strict adherence to the language design principles of simplicity, orthogonality and abstraction. The project started in the mid 70ies with Pascal/R [16-18,6] and Modula/R [10,12] where we first suggested some high-level language constructs for data of type relation. This research culminated in the delivery of a mature implementation of the DBPL system [23,22,15,14,19], a database programming language based on Modula-2.