Studies of Non-A, Non-B Hepatitis and Characterization of the Hepatitis C Virus in Chimpanzees

  • D. W. Bradley
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 242)


This year marks the end of the second decade of research on post-transfusion non- A, non-B hepatitis (or PT-NANBH), now primarily known to be caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV; CHOO et al. 1989). Approximately 10 years ago, the successful molecular cloning of HCV was publicly announced and ushered in a new era of epidemiological, medical, and laboratory research virtually unparalleled by any other area in virology. During the last 10 years, according to a January 1998 search of the NLM-Medline-PubMed database, more than 14,000 publications listing hepatitis C have been cited. This astounding growth was a result of the diligent and persistent efforts of at least two major laboratories and the accumulated knowledge generated by many other scientists in other laboratories who struggled to isolate, characterize, and clone the major agent (virus) responsible for PT-NANBH. One Australian scientist who previously worked in the field of PT-NANBH remarked (in 1990) that “over 80 laboratories at one time or another worked on non-A, non-B hepatitis...and that by the end of 1987 virtually only three or four laboratories were seriously pursuing research in this area.” This perspective highlights the extremely frustrating nature of earlier research in the field of PT-NANBH and reveals the trend of a rapidly diminishing number of active laboratories over time during the mid-1980s.


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